Hamilton students Margaret Ryan ’21, Aurora Cai ’21 (second row, third and fourth from left), and Charles Miller (back row, fourth from left) attended an undergraduate math workshop at Notre Dame.

Aurora Cai ’21, Charles Miller ’20, and Margaret Ryan ’21 recently participated in an undergraduate math workshop at the University of Notre Dame. “Thematic Program in Commutative Algebra and its Interaction with Algebraic Geometry” introduced students to basic aspects of homological algebra and how the theory is related to other fields of mathematics.

The workshop included several lecture series with problem sessions and a colloquium titled “An introduction to projective planes.” In all, 33 students from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico participated.

This summer, Cai, Miller, and Ryan are continuing their research with Assistant Professor of Mathematics Courtney Gibbons and Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics Branden Stone.

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