Jacob Engelman '19, Claire Han '19, Clay McCollum '19, Andrew Stiles 18, Emily Han '19, Ben Morgan '19.

Hamilton students Andrew Stiles ’18, Jacob Engleman ’19, Claire Han ’19, Clay McCollum ’19, Emily Han ’19, Ben Morgan ’19 and Jack Kelley ’19 recently published a comprehensive report covering the private space industry, called NewSpace. They have been working on the report since January under the guidance of Mitchell Scher ’14.

While at Hamilton, Mitchell interned with NASA and then graduated to work in the aerospace industry, where he now specializes in business development.

The report was published through First Report Economic News on May 10, and serves as a general briefing on the industry. It explains how NewSpace was born out of lost Soviet rocket technology that was rediscovered in the late 1990’s by aerospace contractor Lockheed Martin. Since Lockheed’s formation of the rocket company United Launch Alliance with Boeing in 1997, NewSpace has taken off, with hundreds of new startups forming and more investment flowing into the industry each year.

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