It’s summer, and the stream of fervent energy that fuels life on the Hill for most of the year has slowed to a trickle. Much of campus lies dormant now: there is no smell of bacon wafting out of Commons or McEwen in the early morning, and times like 11:15 or 2:30 no longer draw hordes of backpack-wearing students walking from one class to another on Martin’s Way. In the back corner of campus, however, there is a familiar hum of activity rattling the lethargy of hot summer afternoons and evenings.  

Hamilton is far from empty in the months of June to mid-August. Students stay on campus to pursue independent research projects, Emerson grants in the humanities, and work in administration. While students continue to live in the residence halls over the summer, life after work looks very different than life after class.                                 

about author jack confrey '19

 Major: Government

Hometown: Concord, Mass.

High school: Concord-Carlisle Regional High School

Jack Confrey is a summer intern himself, working on the College website and drawing illustrations for the Communications Office.

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The icy vista of campus gives way to verdant blooming trees buzzing with insects, and afternoons - often well scheduled into the night with homework and extracurriculars - open up for cooking meals, playing sports, and creating art and music. The oft-used moniker “Camp Hammy” is well earned.

The slideshow above is a taste of what we do when we aren’t toiling in labs, canvassing for congressional campaigns, or helping other students in the Career Center. The beauty of life on the Hill is easily lost in the shuffle of constant events, classes, and career stress. Summer is a great time to cook a good meal, make some good music, and realize how lucky we are to be with interesting people in a beautiful corner of the world.

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