College Communications

The College Communications Office provides leadership, direction and support for developing and sharing Hamilton’s core messages. We work collaboratively to foster relationships and shape favorable impressions of the College in print, digital and interactive media.

The following principles guide our work as we advance the interests of the College and help our colleagues achieve communications objectives:

  • We believe in the value and efficacy of Hamilton’s liberal arts mission
  • We develop overarching, cohesive messages for the College
  • We create communications that are authentic, well written and skillfully designed
  • We prioritize projects that reflect institutional themes and priorities
  • We tell compelling stories about the people and programs that make Hamilton special
  • We stay current with emerging trends in communications
  • We monitor perceptions of Hamilton in the world
  • We track external issues affecting higher education and anticipate their impact on Hamilton

How We Can Help

  • Working with the media
  • Consulting on new initiatives  
  • Promoting an event
  • Publicizing research and achievements
  • Creating a webpage
  • Crafting email communications
  • Using social media
  • Producing a publication
  • Scheduling photography
  • Using the campus print shop

How You Can Help

  • Share a story idea or a photo
  • Use #getscrolled on social media

College Communications Staff

Mike Debraggio

Associate Vice President for Communications
mdebragg@hamilton.edu 315-859-4654

Mike came to Hamilton in 1992. In addition to serving as the College’s primary spokesperson, he manages special projects and provides editorial support for new initiatives. Contact Mike with questions about College policy or general communications issues.

Media Relations

The Media Relations Team plays a central role in increasing Hamilton’s visibility nationally, locally and in targeted markets by collecting and disseminating information about College programs and personnel, with priority given to those stories that reflect institutional themes.

Vige Barrie

Senior Director of Media Relations
vbarrie@hamilton.edu 315-859-4623

Vige oversees the media relations operations and focuses on identifying, developing and placing stories about the College in the national media. She also participates as a Hamilton Management Roundtable facilitator.

Holly Foster

Associate Director of Media Relations and News Site Editor
hfoster@hamilton.edu 315-859-4068

Holly manages Hamilton’s news website by writing and editing stories and overseeing photography. She is also responsible for placing Hamilton stories and event publicity in local media, and supervising the hometown news program.

Eileen Foote

Communications Assistant
efoote@hamilton.edu 315-859-4676

Eileen provides office support, particularly for media relations projects, which includes creating and maintaining databases, disseminating media releases, writing and adding stories to the news website, tracking College news coverage and researching appropriate media for targeted pitches.

Editorial & Interactive Communications 

The Editorial & Interactive Communications Team provides concept development, creative direction, writing and editing for a variety of media platforms — from the website, to print publications, to social media. The team works with campus colleagues, often in partnership with Creative Services, to accommodate each department's goals. 

Stacey Himmelberger

Senior Director of Communications Content & Strategy; Editor, Hamilton Alumni Review
shimmelb@hamilton.edu 315-859-4416

Stacey oversees Hamilton’s marketing efforts. She leads discussions about ways to incorporate institutional themes into communications, and writes and edits key publications, webpages and emails. Stacey also serves as editor of the Hamilton Alumni Review magazine.

Tim O'Keeffe

Senior Director of Interactive Media
tokeeffe@hamilton.edu 315-859-4850

Tim is responsible for leading the development of the College’s social media strategy and devising systems to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the College’s website and digital communications.

Esena Jackson

Director of Interactive Media
ejackson@hamilton.edu 315-859-4681

Esena manages the presentation of content and graphics on the College website and in email communications. She contributes technical and design expertise for new initiatives and upgrades to existing sites and navigation.

Maureen Nolan

College Writer
manolan@hamilton.edu 315-859-4226

Maureen serves as lead copywriter and copy editor for much of the College’s website. She also contributes regularly to the Hamilton Alumni Review and other print and electronic communications.

Kim Dam

Editorial Assistant
kdam@hamilton.edu 315-859-4684

Kim coordinates the work of 70+ class correspondents who write the Class Notes section of the Hamilton Alumni Review. She also manages the alumni weddings and births column, assists with proofreading and responds to general inquiries about the magazine.

Visual Communications

The Visual Communications Team oversees the visual presentation of Hamilton’s messages by designing compelling electronic and print communications intended to educate and inspire readers and viewers about the College. The team also oversees the College’s photo library and consistent application of the visual identity. 

Mark Mullin

Senior Director of Visual Communications
mmullin@hamilton.edu 315-859-4276

Mark oversees and guides the visual communications of the College. He designs and art directs digital and print communications, consults on other visual identity projects such as signage and photography, and manages the College visual and identity assets, including an extensive photo library.

Vanessa Colangelo

Assistant Director of Visual Communications/Graphic Designer
vbuono@hamilton.edu 315-859-4259

Vanessa designs digital and print communications. She also provides design support for signage and responds to requests for visual and identity assets for use across campus.

Mona Dunn

Visual Communications Production Manager
mdunn2@hamilton.edu 315-859-4621

Mona oversees the production and implementation details for College communications projects, ranging from publications to banners to photo requests. She has many years and a wide range of print and digital expertise.

Phyllis Jackson

Visual Communications Associate
pjackson@hamilton.edu 315-859-4620

Phyllis’ primary focus is typesetting College publications and preparing projects for print. She has worked on the Class Notes and Necrology sections of the Hamilton Alumni Review for more than 25 years. She also assists in the maintenance of the photo library.

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