Hamilton College’s Communications and Marketing Office partners with Merit to publicize students’ achievements. Merit acts as a personal archive of each student’s academic career, showcasing their accomplishments, awards, activities, and more, as well as a news distribution service. 

Students will receive an email from Merit when they enroll at Hamilton, make the Dean’s List, earn academic awards and accolades, graduate, and more. Any time a student earns a Merit achievement, an email is also sent to the student's parent(s) and guardians, their high school officials, local government representatives, any local media outlets.

Visit Hamilton’s Merit Pages

Student privacy is of the utmost importance to the College. Students are in control of what information, if any, is published about them. Students can opt out of Merit or change their information at any time. More details about this are shared below.


About Merit

  • Faculty, academic departments, and/or administrative offices provide the Communications and Marketing Office with information about an achievement along with the names of students who earned it. (Please note: Hamilton uses a student’s chosen name for anything related to Merit.)
  • Communications and Marketing staff members then create a personalized story about the accomplishment, which are published on the College’s Merit page as well as on the student’s page.
  • Students will get an email from the College notifying them that a story has been published.
  • Parents and guardians who have shared their email address with the College will also receive emails with their student’s achievements from Merit.
  • For domestic students, stories will also be sent to their hometown media outlets, high school, and local government officials.
  • Students can customize their Merit pages by adding photos, bios, clubs and activities, and their work experiences, and share the link to their Merit page with anyone they’d like.

Merit pages can help hiring managers and graduate schools see all that a student accomplished while studying at Hamilton. Students are also able to keep track of their College-related accomplishments and accolades more easily thanks to Merit.   

A Merit page also positively enhances a student’s digital identity and personal brand. Many companies, organizations, and post-graduate programs research their applicants online. A Merit page is just one more way that students can shine online. 

You will get an email to your Hamilton email address from the College notifying you that an achievement has been published online. 

For students whose hometown is in the U.S., emails will likely be sent to your local media outlets, high school, and local government officials. 

If the College has a parent or guardian’s email address, they will also receive an email.

You don't have to do anything to maintain your Merit page. If you wish, you can enhance it with a photo, bio, other activities, work experience, your resume, and even scholarly publications and presentations.

Congratulations! Share the great news by posting it on your social media channels.

Merit gives you control over who and how people can discover your Merit page, including opting out of the service entirely. Visit the “My Account” section of your profile.

Merit pages remain public after students graduate from Hamilton. You can adjust your privacy settings by visiting the “My Account” section of your profile.

Both the College and Merit take your privacy seriously, and your page complies with Hamilton’s FERPA Policy. We understand that you may need or want to keep accomplishments private. To opt out of Merit, click the opt-out link at the bottom of the email received, log in and visit the Privacy settings under the “My Account” section, or email Eileen Foote at efoote@hamilton.edu.

Your Merit page will no longer be publicly available online, and the College will not send your accomplishments to you, your parents, or local media and officials in your hometown. 

You can opt in or out of Merit at any time.

If you have any further questions about Merit and how Hamilton uses this service, please contact Meg Keniston at mkenisto@hamilton.edu.

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