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In order to maintain a consistent look and feel for all communications that come from the College, it's important that email messages match the styles employed on Hamilton’s website and in print pieces.

Visual Design Guidelines

  • Banners and graphics should be created by the Communications & Marketing Office.
  • Fonts should never be changed from the default style to reflect a personal preference.
  • Text should be left-aligned.
  • Images should be used sparingly.

General Email Tips

  • Keep text brief and easy to scan because many recipients read email on mobile devices.
  • Consider what users should do after reading your email. Include one or two call-to-action buttons (i.e., Register, Give, See Who's Attending).
  • Use headings, when appropriate, to convey what follows in a particular section. 
  • Minimize the use of images.
    • Any images should play a supporting role so your message is clear and effective if the image does not display.
    • Never send an email that is simply one big image.
  • Don’t use “click here” as link text or paste the full url as the link text. When calling the user to action, use brief but meaningful link text that makes sense when read out of context.
    For example, Reunions Registration rather than Click here to register for Reunions.
  • Proofread and check links.


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Director of Interactive Media

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