The Athletics Block H has been the primary athletics graphic since 2002 and the athletics wordmark was introduced in the fall of 2014. Together they provide an identity for our athletics program that conveys strength, boldness, integrity and character.

Athletics graphics are to be used on all communications, uniforms, equipment or other items for varsity and club sports.* This includes graphics on t-shirts, practice and warm-up clothing. Intramural sports and items created for wellness events and activities may also use athletics graphics, but are not required to do so. Any use of athletics graphics must follow style guidelines.

The guidelines for athletics graphics have been developed by the Athletics and Communications Offices. Questions regarding the use of graphics or requests for digital files may be directed to the visual communications department at viscomm@hamilton.edu. We are able to respond to most requests within 24 hours.

The marks that comprise our graphic identity are trademarked and their use must comply with the standards set forth in this style guide. It is never permissible to alter any of the graphics. Always use official graphics files; no attempts should be made to re-create any of these graphics. 

Athletics Block H

The block H is the primary graphic for athletics and is restricted to athletics use only. This includes use by varsity sports, club sports, intramural sports and wellness initiatives.

Athletics Wordmark

This wordmark has been customized for Hamilton Athletics. Official graphics files should always be used.

Athletics logo

The primary athletics logo has been customized for Hamilton athletics. It is a lockup comprised of the Hamilton athletics block H and wordmark.

Block H and wordmark lockup

Reserved for Athletics use only. Size variations and wordmark on bottom available also.

Sports-Specific Athletics Logos

Sports-specific versions are available for varsity, club and intramural sports, as well as wellness activities.

Continentals Wordmark

The Continentals Wordmark may be used as a secondary wordmark application

Spirit Wordmarks

Spirit Wordmarks may also be used as secondary workmark applications to represent team enthusiasm and pride.

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