Continental Blue & Buff

Continental Blue
PMS 287 C*
CMYK:  100  72  2  12
RGB:  0  47  134
Hexadecimal: #002f86

PMS 467 C*
CMYK:  17  24  49  0
RGB:  214  186  139
Hexadecimal: #d6ba8b

* PMS: Pantone Matching System — an international system for identifying colors in the graphic arts community


Hamilton Colors in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint

In the color palatte, go to "More Colors," then use the color sliders to create colors with the RGB values.

Continental Blue RGB:  0  47  134
Buff RGB:  214  186  139


Color Notes for Fabric or Other Materials

Use the color formulas listed to the left for producing or ordering items for which those formulas may be applied.

If ordering items from “stock” colors, always use the ROYAL blue color option; never use the NAVY option. Navy should not be used for any items representing the College. 

Note: Navy items in the College bookstore are from older inventory and have otherwise been discontinued.


Embroidery Thread Specifications for Continental Blue & Buff

Madeira Polyneon Blue #1843
Madeira Polyneon Buff #1738

Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Blue #5738 (Blue Suede)
Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Buff #9125 (Rice Paper)

Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Blue #2210 (Royal)
Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Buff #2570 (Golden Tan)

Alternate choice if preferred thread is not available:
Madeira Rayon Blue #1166
Madeira Rayon Buff #1084

Athletics Block H

Athletics Graphics

Our Athletics Graphics have very specific color and embroidery specifications.

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