Hamilton College embroidery specifications for the block H and sports-specific logos when reversing the graphics to place on a blue or black background.

Use white and buff thread (see Madeira colors to the right).

In order to cleanly execute the block H with the drop shadow, the embroidery process requires an outline around the H. This outline should MATCH the color of the fabric — which will effectively render the “outline around the H” invisible.

The desired effect will look like this:

Embroidery Thread Specifications

Hamilton colors Continental Blue (PMS 287 C) and Buff (PMS 467 C)

Madeira Polyneon Blue # 1843
Madeira Polyneon Buff # 1738

Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Blue #5738 (Blue Suede)
Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Buff #9125 (Rice Paper)

Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Blue #2210 (Royal)
Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Buff #2570 (Golden Tan)

Alternate choice if preferred thread is not available:
Madeira Rayon Blue #1166
Madeira Rayon Buff # 1084

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