The wordmark below has been customized for Hamilton Athletics. Official graphics files should always be used; it is never permissible to alter, add additional components, create new color variations or attempt to re-create this graphic.

If this wordmark is used on varsity or club uniforms, it must appear secondary to the Hamilton athletics wordmark; the intent is to always keep the Hamilton athletics wordmark primary. For example, the Hamilton athletics wordmark might be featured across the front of a jersey and the Continentals wordmark could be on the back or on a helmet.


Color options

• Blue   • Buff   • White   • Black   • Gray   — are the only colors permitted with ANY use of athletics graphics. 

The color options for the Continentals wordmark are shown below. For gray backgrounds: if the gray is very light, use the graphics shown for the white background; if light to medium gray use the graphics for the buff background; and if  a dark gray use the graphics for a black background. Please note that the primary College athletics color is Continental blue and it is always the preference to include this blue in the presentation of graphics. Ideally an item using the wordmark on a black background would have blue present elsewhere on the item, for example a black jacket with the graphics as shown below on the black background might have blue side panels, or the bottom half of the jacket could be blue. 


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