This is the primary College wordmark, customized for Hamilton College. Official graphics files should always be used.

Color Options

• Blue   • Buff   • White   • Black   • Gray  are the only colors permitted when using a blue or buff version of the Hamilton wordmark. 

The color options are shown below. Please note that the primary College color is Continental blue, and it is always the preference to include blue in the presentation of graphics. Ideally an item using the graphics on a black background would have blue present elsewhere on the item; for example, a black jacket with the graphics as shown below on the black background might have blue side panels, or the bottom half of the jacket could be blue. Graphics placed on shades of grey should follow the images shown below.

Hamilton Wordmark Color Options

Color Options for a Black or White Wordmark

  • In certain applications, an all-black or all-white College wordmark may be placed on colored backgrounds such as green, pink or other colors — some examples are shown below.
  • When placing a white or buff wordmark on a blue background use Continental blue, PMS 287, for the background if possible; if unable to match the blue exactly, select the closest color between our Continental blue and royal blue (do NOT go darker or more navy). 
Hamilton Wordmark background colors

The marks that comprise our graphic identity are trademarked and their use must comply with the standards set forth in this style guide. Always use official graphics files; permission is not granted to alter any of the graphics.

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