Russell Marcus

Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus and Catherine Schmitt ’24 are the co-authors of an article appearing in the fall 2023 issue of APA Studies on Teaching Philosophy, a publication of the American Philosophical Association.

In “Summer Experiments in Pedagogical Innovation,” Marcus and Schmitt describe in detail the 2022 Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP), emphasizing the pedagogical innovations of its three instructors and the courses they taught.

Elon University’s Anthony Weston’s course was “Philosophers Reimagine the World: A Conceptual Toolbox for 21st Century Possibilists,” Mike Barnes of Australian National University taught “Disagreement in the Digital Age: Philosophical Reflection About/With New Technology,” and Ashley Pryor from the University of Toledo presented “Philosophy and Comedy.”

Marcus, the program director, developed HCSPiP in 2018 with the goal of encouraging innovative undergraduate philosophy teaching and providing a space for undergrads to come together to think about philosophy. He said the article “highlights the excitement of the summer with the hopes of disseminating the instructors’ work and improving philosophy teaching broadly.”

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