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What happened to Judas Iscariot, perhaps the most infamous traitor in history?

Get the answer when Hamilton’s Theatre Department presents The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis on April 15 to 17, via livestream. The spring main stage production is directed by Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer and features a cast of 17 Hamilton students.

The play is set in a courtroom in a little corner of Purgatory called Hope, where even Christianity’s greatest traitor can have a second chance at justice.

A procedural drama unfolds, starring saints and sinners alike, with testimonies from witnesses who knew Judas personally and experts who can attest to his character (or lack thereof). Lawyers argue their case before the audience, calling to the stand witnesses including Mary Magdalene, Jesus of Nazareth, Simon the Zealot, Sigmund Freud, and Mother Teresa, as well as Satan himself.

Will the prosecution win and make “Judas” synonymous with “betrayal” for all eternity, or will the defense prevail and prove God’s unending love?

The cast includes Juliet Davidson ’23, Naomi Drew ’24, Addie Dumm ’22, Rebekah Fowler ’21, Grace Friedman ’23, Mitch Greene ’22, Christian Hernandez Barragan ’24, Dominic Lannon ’22, Ben Leit ’22, Summer Meade ’24, Ndanu Mutisya ’21, Jack O’Haire ’24, Brin Rockett ’24, Sam Selesnick ’23, Jon Shakespeare ’22, Cole Wright-Schaner ’23, and Shawn Yin ’22.

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