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Tubau Contributes Chapter to New Book

Xavier Tubau Moreu
Xavier Tubau Moreu

A book in which Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Xavier Tubau contributed a chapter has been published by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. The book is titled Las razones del censor. Control ideológico y censura de libros en la primera Edad Moderna (Understanding the censor. Ideological control and book censorship in the Early Modern Period).

Tubau’s chapter is titled “La censura del conciliarismo en el siglo XVI: Alfonso Álvarez Guerrero y su tratado sobre el Concilio General” (The censorship of conciliarism in the Sixteenth Century: Alfonso Álvarez Guerrero and his work about the General Council). The chapter explains how some ideas considered as heterodox by the Catholic Church were used by a Spanish jurist who was defending a political hegemony of Charles V in Europe.

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