Valentine Sheldon '91 Featured in WSJ Article

Valentine Sheldon, a 1991 graduate of Hamilton, is among entrepreneurs featured in a Wall Street Journal article (3/27/02) about small businesses that are succeeding despite the economy.

"Valentine Sheldon is the founder of Suffix Mail, a New York company that is developing technology for routing e-mail. Two years ago, he says, the company might have rushed to get its product out the door. Instead, he got a patent for his creation and is doing a beta test of 5,000 users to be sure the technology performs as expected. 'We have the time to get our story straight,' he says. 

"Suffix Mail isn't cash-flow positive yet, but has a small amount of revenue coming in from a few customers using the system. Mr. Sheldon runs the business on about $1 million from family and friends, and is in the process of looking for partners who might supply a cash infusion."

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