David Wippman.
In an essay titled “The myth of ‘woke’ indoctrination of students” appearing in The Hill, President David Wippman began by pointing out that, “For the first time in decades, education policy has become a major issue in a Republican presidential campaign.” With co-author Cornell Professor Glenn Altschuler, he observed “Republicans have launched a scorched earth war against ‘woke education.’” 

The writers noted campaigns to undermine tenure, ban or sanitize books, appoint MAGA extremists to public university boards, and eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. These measures have allegedly been put in place to guard against left-wing indoctrination. In a discussion of what indoctrination actually is, they disputed those charges and offered studies confirming their position.

In closing, the writers stressed, “Americans of all political persuasions should focus instead on ensuring that students learn the essentials of each discipline and how to distinguish facts from interpretations, evaluate evidence, and engage in constructive dialogue across ideological boundaries.”

“The myth of ‘woke’ indoctrination of students” was published on April 9 in The Hill and was also shared on MSN.com and the History News Network

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