The last time Hamilton’s rowers were blogging at you the teams were returning from a spring trip to Tennessee. You might say a lot has happened since then . . .

In the fourth installment of the teams’ pre-nationals blog, we hear from Ellie Pinto ’18, one of the team’s spares.

Saturday morning, everyone enjoyed a little extra sleep; no one left campus before 7 a.m.! This also gave the temperature a little bit of time to rise, although rowing in mid-to-high-80 degree weather in California will still be a change. Both eights did a long warm-up on the water followed by a 1,500 meter piece and then a 1k and another 500 meters at race pace. This workout included sprints and starts also. We want to make sure we keep pushing ourselves now so we’re as ready for race day as possible.

The pair also went out on the water today, facing a little wind, but nevertheless, managing to stay right-side-up! While it wasn’t a full planned workout, taking strokes together for the first time in the pair was exciting, satisfying and rewarding. Getting strokes in is also helping us to remain familiar with the feel of the water and to continue working on our technique in addition to the power and endurance work we’re doing on the ergs.

After lunch, many of us attended the a cappella concert honoring the seniors and enjoyed some music and down time. The rest of the afternoon included more rest - to help us recover and come back stronger than ever - and Baccalaureate. We’re excited for what the next few days will bring, with graduation and our departure for California on the horizon!


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