The Committee for Kirkland College hosted a brunch on-campus on Sunday, April 6, to help the Womyn's Center kick off Womyn's Energy Week.  The Kirkland women who attended are: Tami Aisenson K'75, Penny Watras Dana K'78, Cassandra Harris-Lockwood K'74, Susie Hartman K'74, Jennifer Potter Hayes K'73, Dolores Mancuso-Chainey K'72, Jennie Morris K'72, Joanne Papanek Orlando K"74, Pam Shipley K'79 , Susan Skerritt K'77, Cathy Fahey K'78, Kim Oliver K'76 and Jean Miller Wilson K'73, who shared how Kirkland impacted their lives with the group.  Hamilton President Joan Hinde Stewart, Vice President Dick Tantillo, Dean of Faculty Joe Urgo and Dean of Students Nancy Thompson were part of the approximately 70 people, including men and women students, who attended.  We followed with an open mike, during which we learned that "the Dark Side"/being a "Dark Sider" is considered a positive thing, denoting creativity, progressiveness and deep thinking; the moniker having come from a power failure on the Kirkland campus.

We then recessed to the Red Pit to watch Indomitable Spirits: The Road Less Taken, the film that was produced for our All-Kirkland Reunion 2007. 

The students were very curious and excited about Kirkland, and the impression of the alumnae who attended was that this was a significant first step in beginning a relationship with the Hamilton students.

The Archive Display, near the Rock, was very well-received.  People were curious as to whether it is permanent, which indeed it is.

Amy Tannenbaum H'10, who heads the Womyn's Center, expressed her gratitude for the brunch, hoping that it will result in more student interest in the Center.
We were all impressed with the men and women students who attended the brunch, and discussed creative ways to include them in our Kirkland conversation.

The $400 million campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the College's history.

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