World Learning Publishes Student Research Projects

Several Hamilton students who participated in SIT Study Abroad programs have had their independent research projects published on the program website.

SIT Study Abroad is an international education program of World Learning, a non-profit organization that offers semester and summer programs in more than 40 countries. SIT Study Abroad programs provide experiential, field-based study with a focus on critical global issues. Students study with faculty and live with families in the host country, developing language skills and immersing themselves in the local culture while learning about both regional and global issues.

Each semester the best projects are chosen for publication on World Learning’s Digital Collections website. For the 2009 Spring and Fall semesters seven Hamilton students have had their projects published:

• Kidecia King ’10, “Early-Life Rituals And Mother Identities: Ways In Which Hindu Women Are Viewed In The Context Of Traditional Ritual Practices”
• Margaret R. Smith ’10, “‘Samoanizing’ Human Rights: A Generational Comparative of Views on Human Rights in Contemporary Samoa”
• Yoshihiko Kubota ’10, “The Realities and Effectiveness of Ecotourism Operations on Moreton Island”
• Kate Hails ’10, “Las Secuelas Psicológicas y las Necesidades en Salud Mental para las Víctimas de la Dictadura: Una Mirada Crítica a los Servicios de PRAIS”
• Rebecca Green ’11, “Extending the School Day: The design, execution and steps towards sustainability of an after-school program for young girls in Kibera”
• Julia Wilber ’11, “A New Kind of Middle Man: Looking at Fair Trade in Nepal”
• Michael Williams ’11, “Vietnamese Resistence Mentality”
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