These Google Sheets have each bike listed down the side, and the times it is available across the top. The tabs show you each day of the week. Just write your full name in the time slot you want to ride.

If you are new to biking or have not rented a bike from us yet, come in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between 1-4 pm for an orientation session. They can also be made by appointment, email Zach:  zweller@hamilton.edu.

Please don’t hog a bike. Probably twice a week is reasonable, maybe three times if things are quiet. Does that sound fair? No? Email me and we’ll talk (ajilling@hamilton.edu)

Loan is for an hour. Rather, 55 minutes, to give us time to wipe the bike down for the next person. If you want to take one for a longer ride, you may do so as long as the schedule isn't too crowded.


  1. A helmet must be worn at all times, either one of ours or yours with our approval.
  2. Ride courteously and under control at all times. No jumps, no thrashing the trail, no whipping. On the main hiking trail (red disks), expect to meet walkers with ear buds and frenzied dogs around every corner.
  3. Leave your Hill Card. Pick it up when you return. On your first visit, we will do an orientation and sign a waiver, after that there's a sign-in sheet. You'll still need your Hill Card each time.
  4. Trail riders, please respect the trail. Someone spent hours - days - making this trail, please do not wreck it with one muddy ride. Did it rain yesterday? Consider not riding. Or - ride on the road! If it's too muddy we may decide not to let the mountain bikes go out.
  5. If your bike is muddy, come back three minutes early and hose it off. The hose is in front of the Glen House, between the door and the garage.
  6. Smile, biking is fun!


Week of 10 May (For the last time, register with your first and last name please)

Archive (for intense data analysis at a (much) later date by some unfortunate intern)

Week of 6 September 2020

Week of 13 September 2020

Week of 21 September 2020

Week of 28 September 2020

Week of 5 October 2020

Week of 12 October 2020

Week of 19 October 2020

Week of 26 October 2020

Week of 2 November. No-flippin'-vember!

Week of 9 November - the week it got yucky out

Week of 16 November - so close you can touch it

Week of 23 November - ready for some turkey, baby!

Week of 1 February - welcome back!

Week of 8 - 14 February

Week of 15 - 21 February

Week of 21 - 28 February

Week of 1 March

Weekend of the 20th and 21st - ROAD BIKES ONLY (Trails are too wet for off-roading)

Week of 22 March - ROAD BIKES ONLY (Trails are too wet for off-roading)

Week of 29 March  (ROAD BIKING ONLY Trails are still too wet, gotta love that road biking)

Week of 5 April (Mountain Bikes are back! Trails are amazing for this time of the year.)

Week of 12 April (Reminder - please register with your first and last name, please and thank you)

Week of 19 April (Register with your first and last name, please)

Week of 26 April (Register with your first and last name please)

Hamtrek bike signup. Hamtrek will be on Saturday 1 May. We are not sure how many heats there will be or how long between heats, but we think that the bikes can be used more than once during the day. If you want to borrow a bike, you will need to ride it twice in the ten days preceding the event. You will also need to know your saddle height and be capable of adjusting it on your own before your heat. There's potential for a fuster cluck, with multiple users trying to ride one bike at the same time, but if we all play nicely we might be able to share a nice thing for a day.

Week of 3 May (Register with your first and last name please)

Group ride signups


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