This packing list reflects items that you will need to stay comfortable in variable conditions.  Please check tags on clothing and make sure items you plan to bring do not include any cotton. Cotton does not insulate when wet and takes much too long to dry for our purposes.

Consider borrowing equipment from HOC before buying your own.  Any items labeled with an asterisk (*) can be rented at the Glen House during club open hours.  Important points on equipment:  make sure your boots are broken-in and are sturdy with proper ankle support; bring comfy sneakers for around camp; a backpack that can fit all of your stuff and has plenty of room for group gear; and choose a synthetic versus a down sleeping bag because it keeps you warm when wet.

Upper Body Layers

__ 1 Synthetic T-shirt
__ 1-2 Synthetic/Wool Mid-Weight Top*
__ 1 Fleece Pullover or Jacket*
__ 1 Fleece Vest (opt.)*
__ 1 Waterproof Jacket*
__ 1-2 Synthetic Sport Bra/Tank
__ Puffy Jacket (opt.)*

Lower Body Layers:

__ 1 pair Synthetic Mid-Weight Bottoms*
__ I pair Fleece Pants* (opt.)
__ 1 pair Synthetic Hiking Pants
__ 1-2 pair Nylon Shorts
__ 1 pair Waterproof Pants*
__ 2-3 pair Synthetic Underwear

Other Clothing

__ Wool or Fleece Hat*
__ Wool or Fleece Gloves/Mittens*
__ Sun Hat (Baseball cap)
__ 3-4 pair Wool/Synthetic Hiking Socks*
__ 1-2 pair Synthetic Liner Socks (opt.)
__ 1-2 Bandanas
__ Swimsuit (opt.)


__ 1 pair Leather/Synthetic Hiking Boot
__ 1 pair Sneakers
__ 1 pair Gaiters*


__ Backpack (55L-90L or 3,500- 5,500 inches³)*
__ Synthetic Sleeping Bag rated to 20ºF*
__ Sleeping Pad*
__ Small Knife (Swiss-Army type)
__ Headlamp*
__ 1 set spare Headlamp Batteries
__ Whistle*

Eating/Drinking System

__ 2 Quart-Size Nalgene Water Bottles*
__ Bowl (Tupperware w/ a lid works great)*
__ Spoon*
__ Thermos* (opt.)
__ Insulated Mug*


__ Lip Balm
__ Sunscreen
__ Sun Glasses
__ Toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, tampons)
__ Prescription Medications
__ Prescription Glasses/Contacts (Bring a spare)
__ 1 Small Travel Towel (opt.)
__ Small Book or Journal
__ Camera (opt.)
__ 2-3 Stuff Sacks*


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