I will bring down dry bags for you to pack your personal gear in, so you can transport this down to Florida in a backpack or duffel. Anything that’s not going on the trip (the backpack, the ‘also bring’ list) will be stored in the van and meet us at Everglades City at the end of the trip.

__ 3 t-shirts (one long sleeved, to be sprayed)
__ 1 fleece top
__ 2 pr quick drying shorts (not cotton)
__ Underwear
__ 1 pr long pants (to be sprayed)
__ 1 pr socks (to be sprayed)
__ 1 pr sandals (Tevas/Chacos, not flip flops)
__ 1 bathing suit (or shorts for boys, sports bras & shorts for girls)
__ 1 rain jacket or showerproof top
__ Hat (full brimmed or baseball)
__ Toiletries (minimum)
__ Lip stuff (with spf 18 or higher)
__ Sunscreen (waterproof, spf 25+)
__ Eating utensils (spoon, bowl, mug)
__ Pocket knife (Swiss army or Leatherman)
__ Lighter
__ Sunglasses with safety strap (Croakies, chums, duct tape)
__ Bug spray with DEET (plastic bottle, not aerosol)
__ Headlamp with extra batteries
__ Hydration system (Camelback etc) or 1 quart water bottle
__ Sleeping bag and stuff sack
__ Pad
__ 2 Bandanas
Also bring

(will be brought to the take out)
__ Shampoo etc
__ Clean clothes
__ Towel


__ Book
__ Camera
__ V. Small towel


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