Below is the itinerary each trip leader must write before embarking on your sick nasty adventure.

Make sure to print out three copies before your trip and give copies to Andrew Jillings, Campus Safety, and leave one in your vehicle so it's visible.                                           

Hamilton Outing Club
Name of trip here
Emergency Contact at Hamilton College
Campus Safety: 315-859-4000
Andrew Jillings: Director of Outdoor Leadership Cell #: 315-527-1135
Departure from Hamilton:   (date/time)
Trailhead departure roughly by: (date/time)
Trailhead return roughly by:  (date/time)
Return to Campus roughly by:  (date/time)
Trip Leader: your name: – cell contact:  your number
Participants' names:
Trip Plan: 
i.e. trail names/summits to hit/where you're going generally. For multi-day trips, please include sites where you plan to spend the night.


Hamilton Outing Club

Office Location
Glen House

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