Check out the HOC clothing!

The price shown is what these cost, HOC is not making any money here. However, students who might have real difficulty affording these prices should feel free to award themselves up to 60% financial aid.

The North Face beanies. 100% recycled fabric. One size fits all. It feels like a medium/ large size on my melon. Colors are Blue, Green, and what they call Timber Tan. It's less orangy than in the picture. People who see it can't decide what to call it , but they really like it.



Baseball Hat. 100% organic cotton. Blue or Buff/tan/khaki/sandstone/colours aren't really my thing. The good kind of cap, with the adjuster strap that tucks away in the hatband. None of your velcro that stops working after a year, or the uncomfortable plastic strips. (Owl not included.)


HOC baseball hats
HOC baseball hats, with owl model

T-shirt. 100% organic cotton. Choice of white or white. Same shirt as the old orientation T-shirt, for those who remember that far back. Snappy new design on the front, nifty little logo on the back. I'd say it is a pretty normal fit.


HOC T-shirt2020
HOC T-shirt

Stickers. Plastic. Sticky. Please specify 'regular HOC' or 'badass climber'. Shipping is only $1. (Lucy not included.)

$1 or $2 each, you decide.

HOC stickers 2020
HOC stickers with Lucy


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