This document describes the rules and guidelines governing the posting of physical advertisements on campus by members of the Hamilton College Community. Examples of physical advertisements include flyers, posters, lawn signs, banners and other forms of advertising that is tacked, tied, taped, stapled, signed or otherwise temporarily placed on or adhered to any surface on campus.

Policy Statement

Advertising on campus serves myriad purposes, such as to promote upcoming events, to share safety information, to express opinions and more. However, advertising can detract from the beauty, cleanliness and sustainability goals of campus. It also can create a burden for Facilities Management to clean up when not removed properly or, in the case of lawn signs, to move for mowing.

Temporary advertising may be displayed on campus but must adhere to this policy.


This policy applies to all interior and exterior spaces on campus, with the exception of residence halls or unless otherwise specified. It applies to all students, faculty members, staff members or unaffiliated persons or organizations, with the exception of notices displayed by Facilities Management.

The policy is not intended to govern free speech in advertising; nevertheless, advertising on campus may not contain threats, false statements, content that is defamatory, or constitutes an invasion of privacy or unlawful harassment.

Sponsorship and Size

  • Advertisements must clearly display the sponsoring organization and contact information.
  • Advertisements on bulletin boards should be no larger than 11" x 17".


  • Advertisements should be limited to one per event in a reasonable amount of space, such as one per bulletin board.
  • Advertisements should not be posted over existing materials.
  • Existing advertisements should not be removed to make space for a different advertisement unless the event date has passed.
  • Advertisements should be removed after the event, or when the content is no longer current.
  • Advertisements should not be posted on windows, walls or doors, except restroom stall doors and on approved locations in the dining halls.
  • Duct tape or permanent adhesive must not be used.
  • The placement of lawn signs on campus should be coordinated with Facilities Management (to avoid conflict of work such as mowing).
  • Table cards in plastic holders and “table tents” on the dining hall tables should be coordinated through Dining Services. This does not apply to fliers.
  • Advertisements must not be placed on car windshields in campus parking lots.


  • Advertisements may be removed and discarded by designated College employees if they do not adhere to this policy and its guidelines. The College is not responsible for any costs associated with the removal of advertising.
  • This policy does not grant any rights to non-Hamilton community members, such as business vendors and local organizations.  Individuals or organizations that are not part of the Hamilton Community wishing to post advertisements on campus should contact the Procurement Office in advance. The College reserves the right to decline such requests.

Revision History

Approved June 2023
Reviewed December 2023

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