COLT is co-chaired by the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Information Security Officer.

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Finance and Administration

Karen Leach

Information Security Officer (chair) Library and Information Technology Services Jerry Tylutki*
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Dean of Faculty

Suzanne Keen

Controller and Director of Budgets

Finance and Administration

Carol Gable

Network and Systems Administrator Library and Information Technology Services Jesse Thomas
Executive Director, Advancement Operations Advancement Joni Chizzonite
Assistant VP for Enrollment, Director of Financial Aid


Cameron Feist
Director of Community Standards

Dean of Students

Catherine Berryman

Chief of Staff

Office of the President

Gill King
Director of Auxiliary Services (chair) Finance and Administration

Lucy Burke*

Members of COLT will work in close contact with Campus Compliance Managers (CCM). CCMs are employees of the College with expertise in, and daily responsibility for, specific legal and regulatory areas. CCM’s are responsible for:

  • Knowing current information in their area of legal and regulatory responsibility
  • Performing duties to achieve compliance and risk reduction, working with other campus community members as appropriate.   

Last Reviewed: March 2020
Last Updated: March 2020

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