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Leadership Opportunities for Students

Taking on a leadership role at Hamilton is a great way to learn more about yourself, educate your peers and prepare for future leadership opportunities in the workplace. Being a student leader in the COOP provides the bonus of motivating others to serve, to make contributions to the community and to become lifelong engaged citizens.

You can lead with…
HAVOC is run by a student executive board (e-board). Students are eligible to apply for e-board positions in January of their first year and are hired by current e-board members through an application and interview process. HAVOC also hires site coordinators for each of its off-campus projects who recruit volunteers, facilitate programs and interface with community partners. Site coordinators are either hired by the e-board by application, or are phased into the position by outgoing upperclass site coordinators. E-board and site coordinator hiring processes occur in September and January.
Outreach Adventure leaders are hired by the COOP staff, normally ten leaders for five trips. Being an  OA leader is especially rewarding – it's a chance to help first years acclimate to the area, bond with a group, learn about our community and do some great work for people who really need it! Leadership training happens in conjunction with Orientation trip leadership training in May, and again just prior to the arrival of new students. OA leaders gain skills in team-building and group bonding, discussion facilitation and reflection, mentoring, conflict resolution, ropes course facilitation and more. Hiring process occurs in March.
AXB: Alternative Breaks (formerly known as ASB or Alternative Spring Break) is advised by the COOP and directed by students. Each year, a student director and e-board are hired by the COOP staff. The director and e-board then hire 18 AXB leaders to take 9 trips* to points south over the March break. The AXB director meets with the COOP director weekly beginning in September. Leaders participate in a leadership training program prior to the start of classes in January and are expected to meet on a regular basis with the AXB director, e-board and COOP staff prior to departure. AXB leaders have an opportunity to reach out to students who may not have time to serve on a regular basis during the school year, to see the country, to meet some incredible people and to make a meaningful difference in just one week. Director/e-board selection occurs in April for the following year's AXB; leader selection takes place in October.

To find out more about leadership opportunities in the COOP, e-mail COOP director Amy James at
*Number may vary by year.


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