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  1. Associate VP of Facilities & Planning
    Michael Klapmeyer

    Operations Support Specialist - Allison Ganey

    1. Director of Building Systems Management
      Bill Huggins

      1. Manager of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Systems
        Matthew Baisley

      2. Supervisor of MEP Systems
        Dan Rodriguez

      3. MEP Foreperson
        Dave Aversa

      4. MEP Foreperson
        Tim Mahay

      5. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Shop (13)
      6. Manager of Structural Trades
        Mark Kinne

      7. Locksmith (2)
      8. Painter Foreperson
        Alex Egresits

        Paint Shop (4)
      9. Carpenter Foreperson
        Travis Herzog

        Carpenter Shop (6)
    2. Custodial Services Manager
      Mike Strong

      1. Custodial Supervisor
        Patty Critelli

      2. Custodial Supervisor
        David Saxe

      3. Custodian Supervisor
        Robin Treen

      4. Custodian Foreperson
        Bobby Evans

      5. Custodian Foreperson
        Aubrey Owens

      6. Custodians (53)
    3. Grounds & Fleet Operations Manager
      Mike Jasper

      1. Natural Resources Program Manager (1)

        Lead Horticulturist Root Glen (1)
      2. Grounds Foreperson
        Rick Johnson

        Grounds Shop (8)
        Landscape Maintenance (2)
      3. Athletic Grounds Foreperson
        John Vaughan

        Athletic Grounds (5)
      4. Fleet Operations Supervisor
        Mike Neidhart

        Senior Fleet Maintenance Mechanic (1)
    4. Director of Project Management
      Barry Rivet

      1. Senior Project Manager
        Tim Gadziala

      2. Construction Project Manager
        Steve Vanderhoof

      3. Capital Projects Administrator
        Vanessa Nelson

    5. Director for Business Operations
      Alfio LaRocca

      1. Materials Management Supervisor
        Deana Watson

      1. Operations Support Specialist
        Allison Ganey

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