Residential Hall Custodian Supervisor
100 College Hill Road Andrea Buschor
Courtney Avery
Dave Saxe
95 College Hill Road Mai Miller Robin Treen
Babitt Residence Hall Anthony Rocco
Jason Belisle
Patty Critelli
Bundy East Residence Hall Thom Coon Patty Critelli
Bundy West Residence Hall Frank Potter Patty Critelli
Carnegie Residence Hall John Gilligan Robin Treen
Dunham (North) Residence Hall Jess English Dave Saxe
Dunham (South) Residence Hall Rick Jackson Dave Saxe
Eells House Korey Kopytowski
Danise Torchia
Robin Treen
Ferguson House Danise Torchia Robin Treen
Glenview James Kennedy
Keith Phillips
Dave Saxe
Griffin Road Apartments Mai Miller Robin Treen
Keehn Residence Hall Brian Cooney Patty Critelli
Kirkland Residence Hall Christian Stewart Robin Treen
McIntosh Residence Hall Leo Johnson Patty Critelli
Major Residence Hall Christopher Lonkey Patty Critelli
Milbank Residence Hall Jessica Knickerbocker Patty Critelli
Minor Residence Hall Joel D'Agostino Patty Critelli
Morris House Bryan Briggs Robin Treen
North Residence Hall Drew DeLand Robin Treen
Rogers Estate Melissa Kicinski Robin Treen
Root Residence Hall Brian Neff Patty Critelli
Saunders House Kevin Truax Robin Treen
Skenandoa House Chris Alter Dave Saxe
South Residence Hall Mai Miller Robin Treen
Wallace Johnson Residence Hall (Wally J) Andrea Buschor
Courtney Avery
Dave Saxe
Wertimer House Chris Alter Dave Saxe
Woollcott House Bryan Briggs Robin Treen


Contact Name

Facilities Management

Office Location
9 Miller Road

The $400 million campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the College's history.

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