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TECH Lab is for today’s Hamilton student—the artisan, scholar, and innovator who questions what is and reimagines what is possible. While fostering creativity and inclusive design practices, TECH Lab encourages innovation through hands-on experimentation and collaboration. Located in Burke Library, TECH Lab is a dynamic playground where students are connected with learning and research opportunities including fellowships. TECH Lab invites students to come tinker away in the Burke Makerspace and with LITS experts.

Burke Library Redesign

Opens August 2023

Featuring virtual reality spaces, soundproof rooms for podcast production and more.

TECH Lab Fellow

Meet our inaugural TECH Lab fellow:

My name is Dani and I am a trans mixed media artist from Boston! I use art as a therapeutic process to explore my identity and existence, and I'm currently a junior studying art and art history at Hamilton. I'm particularly interested in art for the purpose of social change, queer space and representation, digital media, and revisiting analog mediums.

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