ElyneStudents, faculty, and staff can now choose to have their Amazon package delivered to Elyne, the Amazon Locker located in Beinecke Student Activities Village, near the Howard Diner. You will be able to retrieve your package at any time.

Delivery Instructions

The Amazon Locker is managed by Amazon, which is solely responsible for any loss or damage.

Important Details

  • Elyne will be grayed-out on the map when full.
  • Standard, Free, Same-Day and One-Day shipping might be limited.

There are specific restrictions, procedures, and policies regarding packages that can be delivered to Elyne. Eligible packages must be:

  • Sold or fulfilled by Amazon.com
  • Meet specific weight and size restrictions
  • Be under a certain dollar value
  • Not be a hazardous material
  • Not come from outside the U.S.
  • Learn more about package eligibility. 

Visit the Amazon Lockers website for instructions and full details.


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