Justice for George Floyd

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Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Late this afternoon, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. While the jury’s decision provides a measure of accountability in this case, the problem of racialized policing remains.

George Floyd’s murder captured the nation’s attention as another painful, visible, and shocking manifestation of the violence with which people of color in this country are all too familiar. But most cases involving police killings of Black Americans do not result in prosecutions, much less convictions.

No single court decision can bring back lives lost or families torn apart. No one prosecution can redress the grief and suffering caused by systemic racism. But all of us can bear witness to injustice and speak up when we see it, and we can and should now renew our commitment to create a more just, inclusive, and supportive community.

In the days ahead, discussions about what the Chauvin case means will undoubtedly take place in classrooms, residence halls, and elsewhere on campus. In addition, the Division of Student Life will be coordinating with other offices on campus an opportunity to gather as a community in support of one another. Please look for information regarding that gathering soon.

In the meantime, many resources are available to anyone who needs support. They include the Counseling Center (315-859-4340), the Dean of Students Office (315-859-4020), and the Chaplaincy (315-859-4130).


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