The mailing address for your student will be:

Student’s name, class year
Box #
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

It is essential that you include your student’s mailbox number as part of the address. All student mail is distributed by box number. If you fail to include the box number, mail service will be delayed.

We ask that you include the class year in the address. It helps us quickly identify student mail so it can be separated from employee mail.

Please do not use nicknames. It can be confusing and delays the delivery of the mail.

If you want something to get to your student quickly, please use U.S. Express Mail, UPS Next Day or Second Day Air or Fed Ex Air. All of these services are traceable and guaranteed. Priority Mail is not as fast and it is not guaranteed or traceable.

Please, never send cash through the mail. Mail can get lost or damaged on its way here. Also, the Mail Center building is kept locked at night, but many students leave their mailboxes set to the open position. As a result, they can be opened by anyone during normal operating hours.

If you order something for your student with a credit card that bears your (parent) name, please make sure it is shipped to the student’s name and box number and not the billing name. We do not have parent names readily available. It significantly delays delivery if we have to match a parent name to a student name.

The same scenario also holds true for credit card bills, medical bills and bank statements. Often these are in the parent’s name (especially medical bills). Please make sure the mailing address on all such accounts is in your student’s name and includes the mailbox number as part of the address.

Please alert all relatives and friends of these helpful mailing hints.

And last, but definitely not least, please write legibly.

Thank you. With your cooperation, your student will get their mail without delay. If you have any questions, please contact Rich Alexander at 315-859-4403 or e-mail realexan@hamilton.edu. I will be happy to assist in any way.

Rich Alexander
Mail Center Supervisor


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