Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Guide for New Students and Parents

Residence Hall Descriptions

Home Sweet Home

All Hamilton College residence halls are smoke free.

Dunham Residence Hall

If you like to meet lots of people and thrive in a social environment, Dunham is the place for you. Dunham is the largest residence hall on campus and is conveniently located right in the middle of everything on the north side of campus. The first floor main lounge, with couches, tables and cable TV, divides the first floor into equal halls for women and men.  The second floor will be split by sex in the middle of the main hall. Floors are linoleum, and hallways are carpeted. Approximate room dimensions:  2 room quad 12’ x 9’, 20’ x 8’ and double 12.5’ x 10’. A recreation room, kitchen and laundry room are available in the basement. Dunham houses 250 students.

  • “Always a friend nearby!”
  • “It’s in the middle of campus; it’s a short walk everywhere.”
  • “Dunham is a very social residence hall.  The likelihood of having a good friend just down the hall or up one flight of stairs is very favorable indeed.”

Wertimer House

Wertimer House is located near the Bristol Center, Skenandoa House and Wallace Johnson House. Wertimer has space for 42 incoming first years in 21 doubles. Since Wertimer houses only first years who are all coming to Hamilton together, the residents often form a close-knit community. The first floor lounge is large with a pool table and flat screen TV and is usually buzzing with activity. Two upperclass Resident Advisors will also live in the building. Wertimer is wheelchair accessible.

  • "Wertimer is one of the nicest, cleanest dorms on campus. It's small, cozy, and the residents (all of whom are freshmen) tend to get along really well. It's a bit of a hike to get to the rest of campus, so people usually spend a lot of time in the common areas, baking, playing pool, or watching the epic 42" TV!"

South Residence Hall

Residential Engagement in Academic Life (REAL) is a unique housing option open to 60 members of the class of 2020. Students will live together on the 3rd and 4th floors of South residence hall and take one of their courses together with one of Hamilton’s best teachers. Your REAL professor is also your faculty advisor. Students have a chance to connect with faculty and one another around both intellectual and social activities. This has become a very popular housing option.

Quads and six-person living units define the style of this four-story structure capped by the distinctive “South Tower.” South Residence Hall primarily contains two-room quads, each with a bathroom, for first-year students. In each quad the bedroom opens into a large central study room with a (non-working) fireplace, natural hardwood floors, and wood paneling on the walls. The building also contains two spacious study lounges, a recreation lounge, a laundry room and kitchen facilities. South houses 126 students and is wheelchair accessible.

  • “Everyone is very friendly, and it’s easy to get to know other people. Quads are fun because you meet more people and don’t have to constantly be around just one other person.”
  • “I love the interior of South. Each of the rooms has a large living area and bedroom. South has wooden floors and trim, and stone fireplaces. The atmosphere is comfortable and homey.”

Keehn and Major Residence Halls

Both of these buildings were constructed simultaneously in 1968.  They are located in a cluster near the Kirkland Glen and share a similar architectural design. Experience has shown that these halls foster a close sense of community, and the R.A., who lives adjacent to the lounge, usually acts as the focal point for bringing the two hallways together. The lounges are  equipped with a kitchenette and comfortable furniture. Laundry facilities and a kitchenette are also located on the first floor. Major houses 68 students, and Keehn houses 54 students. Both buildings are carpeted throughout, and each room has cable, telephone & network jacks. Room dimensions are approximately 16’ x 10’ for first-year doubles. Major will be home to our wellness floor(s) depending on  level of interest.

  • ”The view from my window is fantastic!  I can see the glen and watch the sunset every night.”
  • “Sometimes we see deer near the edge of the woods.”
  • “Minor is modern-looking, with nice big rooms.  The people make our hall special!”
  • “McIntosh has a wonderful social community that also allows for quiet, alone time.  It has a close-knit community built on respect that everyone loves coming home to at the end of the day.”

North Residence Hall

North is noted for its convenient location and strong sense of community.  A stone building completed in 1842, North Residence Hall consists of four floors and a basement recreation area. Rooms in North consist of doubles and triples for new students. Men occupy the first floor, women live on the second and fourth and the third floor is co-ed. The basement includes a television room, a kitchenette, laundry facilities and a furnished lounge area. Floors in North are tiled. North houses 91 students.

  • “One good thing about North is the fantastic location on campus. It is located near the library, Bristol Campus Center, and several other residence halls.”
  • “I like living on a single-sex floor…Having laundry machines in the basement is also a bonus.”

Wallace Johnson Residence Hall

Warmly known as Wally J, Wallace Johnson is adjacent to the Wertimer House and Skenandoa House. Home to 20 students in a small house with a centrally located lounge, Wally J tends to be a close-knit community.

Babbitt, Bundy East, Bundy West, Carnegie, Woollcott House (Co-Op), Eells Hall, Farmhouse Apartments, Ferguson Hall, Griffin Road Apartments, Milbank, Skenandoa, Rogers Estate, Saunders House, Kirkland, McIntosh, Minor, Root and Morris House

These student residences are not available to first-year students but may be chosen for housing during your next three years at Hamilton.  Skenandoa, Kirkland, Eells and Ferguson halls are handicapped accessible.

note: All first year-year halls will have quiet hours of 11 p.m. – 8 a.m. Sunday – Thursday and 1–8 a.m. Friday and Saturday.