Most quads are two room quads measuring 12' x 9' and 20' x 8'
Triples are approximately 16' x 22'
Doubles are approximately 16' x 10'

**Please note that the rooms, especially after everyone moves in, are NOT HUGE, so you will need to coordinate what you bring to campus with your roommates to avoid duplication. Communication with roommates over the summer is key.

Personal checks up to $50 can be cashed at the College Bookstore. There is also an ATM in the Beinecke Village complex on campus.

That’s up to you. Many students find it easier to set up checking accounts at one of the local banks after they arrive. NBT Bank and ACCESS Federal Credit Union are all located in Clinton.

Sometimes the fastest way to ruin a friendship is to live together; often our friends’ individual lifestyles and habits are much different than ours and would not offer an ideal living situation. We do not put people who know each other before coming to Hamilton in the same room because it is our philosophy that all students need to have the valuable experience of meeting new people. We are a close community, so you will still have plenty of opportunities to see each other! 

First-year housing areas in Dunham, North, South, Wallace Johnson & Wertimer do not have carpeting. The areas in Keehn and Major do have carpeting. Either way, it’s a good idea to bring area rugs or measure & buy when you arrive on campus. Window treatments include shades on the north side of campus (Dunham, North, South) and blinds on the south side of campus (Keehn and Major). Closets are either in the form of free-standing wardrobes in some buildings or regular built-in closet areas in other buildings.

Unfortunately, no. Hamilton hosts various conferences and seminars throughout the summer and our residence halls are in use.

Information about telephone service for your room will be sent to you later this summer. Once you have signed up for telephone service, you will be notified of your on-campus phone number. You will need to bring your own telephone. Cell phones are a good idea. Voicemail service is also available through the College.

The College does not have any storage areas on campus. A list of local storage companies can be found on our website.

Each residence hall has some sort of kitchenette that includes a small stove/oven, refrigerator and sink. No major feasts are prepared in these areas, but cookies, brownies, leftover pizza, etc., are certainly regular menu items.

Hamilton has a centrally located mail center in the Beinecke Village complex. You will be issued a mailbox and combination when you arrive on campus. Students usually check their mailboxes on a daily basis. Your friends and relatives can address mail to you by: Your Name, Mailbox Number, Hamilton College, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton, NY 13323.

No. One of the many learning experiences that will take place after you arrive is doing your own laundry! All residence halls come equipped with washers and dryers; Bristol Campus Center also has laundry facilities. You will be able to use your Hill Card to do your laundry.

You certainly can bring your own, as long as it is 3.2 cubic feet or smaller. It's always a good idea to check with your roommates so that you don't end up with more than one fridge in your room.

Sure. If you need to ship some of your belongings, please do so (via the college's main address, Your name and mailbox #, 198 College Hill Road, Clinton, NY 13323) during the summer. The mail center will hold your boxes until you claim them when you arrive on campus.

The College does not insure your personal belongings. You should arrange to have them insured before you come to school through your parents’ homeowner's or renter's insurance.

First-year students cannot bring cars to campus. There is limited parking available at Hamilton and overcrowding is a major issue on the Hill. Wait until your second year.


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