The Patricia Tolles Smalley Scholarship

The Patricia Tolles Smalley Scholarship was established in memory of Life Trustee Patricia “Trix” Tolles Smalley by her family and friends.

This fund was established in 2012 through gifts received from family and friends in  memory of Hamilton Life Trustee Patricia “Trix” Tolles Smalley.

Trix first came to College Hill in 1947 when her father, Winton Tolles ’28, started his  25-year tenure as Hamilton’s legendary dean of the college. She was educated at  Emma Willard School in Troy, NY, and Smith College in Northampton, MA,  from which she received a bachelor’s degree in history. After marrying David  Smalley ’56 in 1964, she worked for a time as a researcher and editor for Time-Life  before the couple welcomed two sons into their family: Brian ’93 and Gregory. Trix  subsequently returned to work administering and managing governmental,  philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, including serving as an associate to David  Rockefeller from 1981-90, chief operating officer of the Atlantic Philanthropic  Service Company from 1990-94, deputy commissioner of the Department of Cultural  Affairs in New York City from 1994-96 and deputy and interim director of the El  Museo del Barrio in New York in 2002.

Elected as a Hamilton charter trustee in 1994, Trix was named a life trustee 16 years  later. She was always proud of the fact that many members of both the Tolles and  Smalley families were Hamilton alumni. In 2000, she delivered the Class & Charter  address, and was chosen in the fall of 2011 by the Alumni Council to receive the  2012 Bell Ringer Award for her lifetime of “exceptional service to Hamilton, its  alumni and the community.” Her father, Winton Tolles, received the same honor as  the inaugural Bell Ringer Award winner in 1970. Her Bell Ringer nomination noted  the following: “Literally and figuratively, Trix has devoted her life to Hamilton,  hosting generations of students and alumni while living in New York City, London  and Larchmont, NY; and serving as a charter trustee of the College from 1994 until  her election to life trustee status in 2006. Throughout, she has provided loyal support  and much-appreciated guidance to students, administrators and trustees. Trix's unique  perspective provides an intelligent and creative context for the Hamilton of today."

During her Class & Charter Day speech in 2000, Trix closed with this observation:  “The community enables the achievements of each and every member. It shapes your  individual strengths and traits and your community spirit … Do not trade who you  are, the individual you, for the community, rather keep them in balance – knowing  that by so doing each is stronger.” Trix was known for having led a life of balance  and purpose and her individuality strengthened all she touched.

January 2016


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