Effective Date: August 9, 2021


All students have a responsibility to their peers, to the faculty and staff of the college, and the greater Clinton community to fully commit to protecting our collective health and well-being as much as possible. Everyone plays a crucial part in managing the spread of the virus, particularly with the Delta variant so prevalent. Individual action and collective responsibility ensure that we do all that we can to protect the health of those we care about.


Hamilton has established the following requirements for all students returning to campus. 

All vaccinated students must:

  • Upload their Covid-19 vaccination record using the Student Health Portal
  • Participate in Covid-19 testing as directed by the College
  • Abide by all safety or hygiene standards recommended by Hamilton College, the Oneida County Department of Health, the New York State Department of Health, or the CDC
  • Comply with College and County contact tracing efforts
  • Follow College guidance regarding quarantine and isolation. 

In addition to the items above, all unvaccinated students must:

  • Wear a mask when indoors and outdoors when six feet of distance cannot be maintained
  • Participate in Covid-19 testing as directed by the College


  • Students are required to always carry their Hill Card with them when they are outside of their assigned residence hall.
  • When required to wear a mask:
    • The mask must cover the mouth and nose,
    • A must always be worn when indoors (except when students are in their own residence hall room with their roommate, performing personal hygiene and eating)
    •  A mask must be worn when a guest enters the room
    • A mask must be worn when outside and when social distancing standards cannot be maintained.
    • Gaiters or bandanas are not permitted as acceptable forms of face coverings.
  • Students are not permitted to have unvaccinated visitors (e.g., parents, siblings, other related persons, or friends who are not enrolled students at the College) visit them in their room or other indoor spaces on campus.
  • Students must comply with screening and/or contact tracing requirements, and other risk reduction and mitigation directives developed by the College, including screening, testing as required by the college, quarantine and isolation requirements, and tracing efforts.  
  • If sick or showing symptoms, students must contact the Health Center immediately to assess risk and must follow all recommendations of the health center staff. If outside of business hours, residents may contact the Health Center’s After-Hours Triage Line - 315-859-4111.
  • Students are encouraged to use precautionary sanitization practices such as wiping shared surfaces (such as community printers, kitchen areas, laundry machines, etc) and maintain good hygiene, including thorough and regular hand washing.
  • Students must comply with the directive of the Health Center, Campus Safety, Residence Life staff, or any other college official, concerning health and safety precautions, including but not limited to this policy.
  • Students must comply with other local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and ordinances related to the COVID-19 pandemic both on and off-campus.

Beyond the expectations outlined above, students agree to respect the need of others to feel safe in the community and follow procedures for using the kitchen, accessing the laundry facilities, and any other guidance that is provided by the College as the situation evolves. Although we anticipate that all students will do their part to keep our campus safe, students who choose to put the health and wellbeing of their peers and the faculty and staff of the college at risk by not adhering to these policies will be referred to the student conduct system. The College takes seriously its responsibility to our community and the wider world. As such, the college will not tolerate violations of these policies.

Failure to comply with these requirements is considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will result in disciplinary action.

Hearing Procedure

Violations of the Covid-19 Community Standards are considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be adjudicated by an Administrative Hearing or by the Student Judicial Board.

COVID-19 Community Standards violation sanctions:

Students who are found responsible for violation of the Covid-19 Community Standards will be assigned a sanction as outlined in the sanction portion of the Hamilton College Student Handbook.

Amnesty Policy

Individuals seeking medical attention or crisis support for themselves or for another (e.g., alcohol or drug overuse, health crisis, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, or other emergencies where amnesty applies) will not be subject to action under the College conduct processes.  In addition, individuals cooperating by providing information related to potential sexual misconduct in connection with a formal report or resolution process will not be subject to action under the College’s conduct processes. The College reserves the right to use information gathered in an emergency report or formal investigation to take steps necessary to protect the health of the Hamilton College community.

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