Days-Massolo Center

Amit Taneja
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Janet Turvey
Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer
315-859-4554 (fax)

Stephanie Guzman
Graduate Assistant

Mission Statement

The Days-Massolo Center has been established to enhance the academic, intellectual, social, cultural, and leadership dimensions of the Hamilton community. Through forums, panels, lectures, and other programming developed in cooperation with students, faculty and staff, the Days-Massolo Center serves as a central resource for exploring intersections between gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic class, and other facets of human difference. In doing so, it provides a critical engagement with the claim and promise of diversity as it has been outlined in the College Strategic Plan. As that plan states, the community will confront and engage most rewardingly with the issue of diversity when it is pursued not just as a social issue, but also as an intellectual one.


The following principles guide the priorities and goals of the Days-Massolo Center:

  • The diversity of the Hamilton community enriches all of its members.
  • An inclusive educational environment leads to better learning outcomes for all students.
  • Students maximize their educational, personal, and leadership potential through the transfer of knowledge into applied skills.
  • Campus partnerships enhance learning outcomes for all students.


The Days-Massolo Center organizes forums, panels, lectures and receptions, and other activities developed in cooperation with students, faculty, and staff to foster  systematic, critical engagement with the claim and promise of diversity. 

Role of the Director

The director supervises the development, implementation and evaluation of a variety of cross-cultural and academic programs that support the mission of the Days-Massolo Center. The director serves as a role model, advocate, mentor and educator, and works to promote dialogue and cross-cultural collaboration on campus. 

Role of the Advisory Board

The advisory board counsels and advocates for the Director in support of the mission of the Days-Massolo Center.