• Are you following the Days-Massolo Center on Instagram? If not, you are missing out. Our social media lead, Raymond ‘24, and Social Media Intern, Chidera ‘24, both help organize, create, and manage the DMC’s Instagram page. These two seniors make sure everyone is up to date about what is happening at the DMC in real time. 

  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), which means that there is a special focus on supporting survivors of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse this month, The DMC aims to spread information about these traumas and how we can address them. Let’s take some time to learn about the history of SAAM, the importance of year’s theme, and the different ways that you can participate in SAAM awareness here on Hamilton’s campus.

  • On February 6th, leaders in the DMC community came together to eat dinner with Admiral Michelle Howard in the living room of our little, blue, home away from home.

  • On Thursday, January 25, 2024 the campus community gathered inside the Tolles Pavilion to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while enjoying good food and great company. 

  • In this article I take us back to 4 o’clock on Tuesday, September 5th, when the Days-Massolo Center opened its doors to Hamilton’s Community for the first time this fall semester of 2023. 


  • This past Wednesday, The Center for Intersectional Feminism (CIF) and Planned Parenthood hosted a launch party for the new Sexual Health Vending Machine that is located in the Annex. This event celebrated over a year's worth of work by Planned Parenthood and CIF, along with help from the Health Center and Administrative Services, in securing this machine and getting it ready for use.


  • This month’s “Meet the Team” highlight is centered on Nickie Conlogue, who acts as the DMC Generalist. Nickie has been with the DMC since her Freshman fall semester as part of the programming team, and now she works almost entirely behind the scenes to make sure that the DMC runs smoothly.

  • Our team of DMC Student Ambassadors has a lot of different moving parts, and one of those parts is the Archive Team. Composed of Luna Zou ‘24 and Jason Casado ‘24, the Archive Team works behind the scenes to make sure the history of the DMC is not lost or forgotten.

  • Have you ever looked at the mantel in the DMC living room? There, underneath the television, is a glass jar filled with rocks. But not just any old rocks. These rocks have written on them the names and class years of several Hamilton college alumni who were, and still are, part of the DMC’s integral community.

  • When I walked inside the DMC on September 15th, 2023, a huge, red backdrop at the entrance to the DMC library caught my eye. “LHM”, to signify Latinx Heritage Month, hung at the top in shiny, gold balloon letters and on the opposite wall there were several trays of empanadas. Soon the DMC was full with students unraveling their countries’ flags, waiting for their turn at the brightly colored photo-booth.


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