Reflections from Our Senior DMC Ambassadors

By Madeleine Cerone

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, the Days-Massolo Center will be saying goodbye to four of its senior members and one of its most valued directors. Throughout my first year at the DMC, every single one of these people have left a mark on me that will certainly last for my next three years at Hamilton. Carlo Benavides, Fiona Murphy, Mil Fienco and Salwa Sidahmed have been so kind to share with me some of their favorite moments at the DMC and the helpful skills they learned along the way. Furthermore, I want to thank our director Paola for all the incredible work she has done at the DMC throughout the past three years including Cafecito Fridays, the DMC’s 10 year anniversary campaign, as well as shifting the center from student affairs to a part of the DEI Division. 

As a first year, the Days-Massolo Center played a fundamental role in my transition to Hamilton. I felt accepted by Fiona during our first staff appreciation dinner, and I could always rely on Carlo to answer my questions and show me the ropes of communication work. I spent many meetings with Paola discussing the new college lifestyle and how I can improve my writing. The community at the DMC was an important support system for me as I became a college student.

However, for our seniors, the DMC has acted as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Our resident Visual Communications Lead, Mil Fienco, reflected on the relationships they have made with partners, department leaders, and guest speakers, as well as her fellow DMC ambassadors. “The DMC has… granted me the opportunity of meeting so many people and creating so much beautiful art for the campus!” Mil commented when I asked about her favorite part of working at the DMC. “I am so honored and thankful every single time,” Mil continued. Carlo, the center’s Social Media Lead, also shared similar sentiments. “I have grown and learned so much in this time while being able to experience some of my fondest memories,” he commented. Carlo has been a crucial part of keeping the DMC’s presence on our website and on Instagram interactive and looking beautiful. 

Our other two seniors, Fiona and Salwa, are gearing up to use their experience at the DMC in their successful futures. Salwa, our Generalist here at the DMC, has been named a Watson Fellow and is scheduled to visit five different countries over the next year, including the United Kingdom, Morocco, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand. Her project on environmental and food sustainability will surely be helped by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion background she has at the DMC as she travels around the world. Fiona, with their art and their style, has similarly used the DMC as a springboard, welcoming community space, and a place to develop their love of art and history. An art major and our Archive Lead at the DMC, Fiona is getting ready to present her thesis work at the Wellin Museum. Be sure to visit the senior art thesis exhibit on Thursday, May 4th from 4-6pm, in the Wellin Museum!

We are so proud of our seniors and all they have done inside the DMC and throughout their time at Hamilton. Thank you for being a part of our team and we wish you good luck and good health in all of your endeavors! 

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