The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) formed in the spring of 2019 with an initial charge from President David Wippman and Vice President of Administration & Finance Karen Leach to determine whether or not Hamilton should advance it’s 2050 carbon neutrality commitment, and if so how.

The SWG was comprised of a diverse compliment of students, faculty, staff and trustees for its duration, each representing different perspectives and interests for Hamilton’s current and future sustainability posture. With a vitally important interim goal completed in late 2021—a NYSERDA grant-supported Energy Master Plan—the final accomplishments of the SWG include three plans in the spring of 2023 that provide the architecture for a sustainable Hamilton through 2030 and beyond.

While the principle members of the SWG include those noted below, numerous other students, faculty and staff served on formal subcommittees and informal working groups throughout the SWG’s four-year charge. The collective efforts and contributions of all these individuals are both a celebration of institutional collaboration, and a prelude to how the SWG will reform to evaluate progress and other necessary updates in 2026.

Brian Hansen

Director of Environmental Protection Safety and Sustainability


Aaron Strong

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies


Mike Klapmeyer

Associate Vice President for Facilities & Planning


Lucy Burke

Director of Procurement & Administrative Services


Naomi Guttman

Professor of Literature & Creative Writing


Mike Jasper

Grounds and Fleet Operations Manager


Andrew Jillings

Director of Outdoor Leadership


Megan Kenniston

Executive Director of Content & Strategy


Ashley Place

Director of Community Living


Sara Soika

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist


Andrea Townsend

Associate Professor of Biology


Alison Hill ’87

former Alumni Trustee


Ron Pressman ’80

Charter Trustee


Fatima Oliva ’23


Margaret Phipps ’23


Katherine Rockford ’24


Salwa Sidahmed ’23


Elizabeth Siminitus ’23



Contact Name

Brian Hansen

Director of Environmental Protection, Safety and Sustainability

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