Please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in joining the Honor Court? Please keep this section around or less than 300 words.
  2. What unique attributes or background experiences would you bring to the Court?
  3. We are interested in knowing how you would approach an actual situation of suspected academic dishonesty as a member of the Honor Court. Please read the following hypothetical scenario and imagine that you are an Honor Court representative. What 3 questions would you ask? To whom would you address them? Why would you ask them?

    An art history professor discovers that two students, who were the last ones in the room and sitting next to each other in an unproctored final exam, have verbatim answers on a number of questions.  The exam is made up of 50 short-answer questions, mostly with answers of a phrase or a short sentence.  The professor turns in the exams as a possible case of cheating.  The students argue that they studied extensively together using an online study guide they found (not in itself against the professor’s rules) and provide it to the Court.  They say they drilled each other, memorizing verbatim answers, and then wrote them down individually that way on the exam. 

To submit your application, attach your application essay (be sure to include your name in your actual essay) in an email to kprentic@hamilton.edu by the deadline published in the email that is sent out at the beginning of each semester.

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