Provides up to $7,500 for each of the final two years of undergraduate study for current sophomores and for one year for current juniors.
  • Hamilton may nominate up to four students who demonstrate breadth of accomplishment in academics and in organizations related to mathematics and the natural sciences.
  • Nominees must be intending to pursue a career in a field concerned with math or the natural sciences.
  • Pre-med majors who intend to pursue careers in medical research, rather than medical practice are eligible to apply.

Must be a current sophomore or junior majoring in math or the natural sciences, gpa B+ and above, in top 25% of the class. Research is key — Current and planned research is essential.


Coverage for remaining two undergraduate years for sophomores and remaining one undergraduate year for juniors.




$7,500 per year

Selection Process

Applicants are identified by faculty, up to four students may be nominated for the national competition.

Visit the Goldwater website for more information about the fellowship.


Contact Name

Lisa Grimes

Student Fellowships Coordinator

Office Location
Bristol Center

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