How do I begin researching scholarships or fellowships?

Meet with the Student Fellowships Coordinator Lisa Grimes to discuss your interests. You don’t have to have a clear idea of future plans or ideas for fellowships at this point.

Junior Year Applications

Goldwater Scholarship is awarded to sophomores or juniors majoring in math, physics, biology or chemistry who are planning to pursue graduate study toward a Ph.D. and a career in research. (Pre-medical students are excluded.) About 300 awards a year are distributed by state, each providing $7,500 per year toward undergraduate tuition. Hamilton may nominate four students. 

Goldwater Scholarship Information

Truman Scholarship is for juniors in the top quarter of their class who intend to pursue graduate study toward a career in government or other public service (including the law). It provides $3,000 for senior year college tuition and up to $27,000 for the first two to three years of graduate school. In addition to a strong academic record it requires evidence of community service and of leadership potential. About 75 awards are made annually; at least one from each state, Hamilton may nominate four students.

Truman Scholarship Information

Senior Year Applications

Early Fall Deadlines

As part of the application, the student should demonstrate “affiliation” with a university or laboratory in the country where the academic study or research project is to be carried out; in third world countries appropriate affiliations may include government agencies, international organization, NGO's, or other entities.

Fulbright Grant Information

Marshall Scholarship funds 2 or 3 years of study at any university in the United Kingdom in any field. Competition for the 40 awards annually is highly competitive, with emphasis on academic credentials but also attention to leadership and service. It requires a GPA of 3.7 after the first year. The final application deadline is early October.

Marshall Scholarship Information

Mitchell Scholarship offers support for students of any discipline to spend a year at an Irish university (either the Republic or Northern Ireland), time enough to earn an advanced degree. There are 12 awards each year, one for each of the universities in question. The application deadline is early October.

Mitchell Scholarship Information

Rhodes Scholarship makes possible 2 or 3 years of study at Oxford University in any field. It requires a strong academic record, leadership initiative in community service, extracurricular activities, and athletics. The application deadline is early October.

Rhodes Scholarship Information

Watson Fellowship provides $36,000 (plus a supplement to help with the first year of student loan payments) for a year of travel (outside the U.S.) shaped by a study project of the student’s own design. Fifty students receive awards each year, Hamilton may nominate four students.

Watson Fellowship Information

Senior Year

Later Application Deadlines

Gates Scholarship supports study at Cambridge University in England. Students apply first for admission to Cambridge and, if successful, are invited to apply for support.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Information

National Science Foundation supports 900 new graduate fellowships each year for study toward an M.S. or Ph.D. in mathematics, engineering, or any of the natural or social sciences supported by the NSF. Tuition is covered and a stipend of $20,500 per year for 3 years is awarded. The deadline is early November.

NSF Fellowships Information

Soros Fellowship supports up to two years of graduate study in the United States for “new Americans,” defined as either naturalized citizens, students with green cards, or students both of whose parents are naturalized citizens. Study in any professional field is supported, including medical or law school and 20 to 30 fellowships are awarded each year. The award is $20,000 per year plus half of tuition. The deadline is late November. Web address: 

Soros Fellowship Information

St. Andrews Society of New York offers two $15,000 scholarships each year for students wanting to study for a year at any Scottish university. The student must have some Scottish ancestry and not have lived or studied before in the United Kingdom. Hamilton may nominate one student. 

St. Andrews Scholarship Information


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