The Boren Scholarship Program aims to strengthen our national security by helping educate U.S. citizens to better understand and more effectively communicate with other world cultures and languages.
The goal is to build a critical base of future leaders, both in the marketplace and in government service, who have cultivated international relationships and worked and studied alongside foreign experts. The program also aims to equip Americans with an understanding of less commonly taught languages and cultures, and produce faculty who can teach these subjects.
  • U.S. citizenship required
  • Open to students in first year through junior year
  • Applicants must finish the program abroad before graduation. Recipients incur a service requirement: they must make a good faith effort to gain employment for a period of time equal to the duration of their award, with any one of a large list of federal agencies. If a suitable federal job is not identified, award recipients may fulfill the requirement by working in the field of higher education in an area of study for which the scholarship was awarded. Note that Boren also offers awards for graduate study.

Emphasis is on less commonly taught languages and cultures; each year the Program posts a priority list but students may propose a location/language not listed. Study in Spanish and French is supported only at very advanced levels. Applicants must convey how their immediate and long-term plans benefit the interests of the U.S.


Boren supports summer study for students early in their college careers, and up to a full year of study abroad for juniors and seniors. Study may be through an accredited program or, in some cases, may be independently organized.


Applicants must be endorsed by Hamilton College, however there is no limit to the number of applicants Hamilton may nominate in a given year.


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Lisa Grimes

Student Fellowships Coordinator

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Bristol Center

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