Tenable at Oxford University for two years of post-graduate study, at the undergraduate or graduate degree, leading to a British degree. Recipients tend to have GPA's approaching A — proven intellectual and academic achievement of a high standard, show integrity of character, interest and respect for fellow beings, the ability to lead, and the energy to use talents to the fullest. What they all have in common is an uncommon energy that applies both to curricular and cocurricular activities. Highly competitive.

U.S. citizens. Non-US citizens who are nationals of Bermuda, Canada, the Commonwealth Caribbean, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Singapore, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are eligible to apply to their own constituencies on the basis of degrees from American colleges. An applicant may not be older than 24 years old.


Two years. A third year may be considered if compelling academic reasons existed.




The scholarship covers all tuition and fees at Oxford, plus a maintenance allowance.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by faculty committee and applicants will receive an on campus interview. The committee reserves the right to endorse applicants with varying degrees of confidences and enthusiasm. Applications are mailed to state committees. From these, state committees select a number of candidates for interviews. Candidates who do exceptionally well at the state interviews are invited to regional interviews.


Candidates must be prepared to spend many hours formulating and revising their application essays. See the Rhodes website which includes profiles of recent winners. See also - general information about study in the UK.


Contact Name

Lisa Grimes

Student Fellowships Coordinator

Office Location
Bristol Center

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