Public Policy

P. Gary Wyckoff, Professor of Government

B.A., Macalester College; Ph.D., University of Michigan
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Areas of expertise: health, education and welfare policy, evidence in public-policy decisions, empirical studies of happiness and well-being, the application of quantitative analysis to decision-making

An economist by training, Paul Gary Wyckoff's current research focuses on the empirical foundations of public sector decision-making. He is the author of Policy and Evidence in a Partisan Age: The Great Disconnect, published by the Urban Institute Press. He is working on a book manuscript titled Radical Empiricism, which highlights personal, business and public policies that conflict with the best available evidence. Wyckoff serves as executive editor of Insights, Hamilton's undergraduate social science journal. He received a doctorate from the University of Michigan, is a professor of government and the director of the Public Policy Program at Hamilton.