Global Macroeconomics

Director: Christophre Georges, Professor of Economics
Phone: 315-859-4472
Email: cgeorges@hamilton.edu

The focus of the Fall 2012 program was on macroeconomic developments in the global economy, including the global recession of 2007-09, the shifting geography of production, income, innovation, and finance, and regional and global macroeconomic policy.

College 398 Seminar in Global Processes: Global Macroeconomics

Critical examination of some of the global issues and challenges considered through the lens of macroeconomics and macroeconomic policy. Issues to include economic globalization, the geography of production, income, innovation, and finance, international aspects of macroeconomic and regulatory policy, global imbalances, and ecological sustainability. The course is organized around readings, class discussion, films, guest discussion leaders, and field trips in New York City.

College 396 Independent Study

A tutorial resulting in a substantial paper that integrates experience and learning from the internship with an academic perspective and knowledge gained in the seminars or other tutorial readings.

College 397 Internship

An Independent Study supervised by the director of the Program in New York City and based on an internship with a firm, organization, agency or advocacy group appropriate to the theme of course.

College 395 Crisis and Growth in the Global Economy
(Prerequisite Econ 102)

New York City was an epicenter of the global financial crisis and recession of 2007-09 as well as the international policy response to the crisis. What caused the crisis and recession? How effective were international policy responses? What were the patterns of recovery and growth following the recession? Can future financial crises be prevented?


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