COLLEGE 395 Environmental Ethics PRACTICUM

An experientially grounded exploration of various environmentally focused events and venues in the city.  We will meet at least once a week either in-house or at city-wide events (usually both).


A tutorial leading to the development of a substantial paper that integrates the theoretical course concepts from our traditional course work with the many on-the-ground events – talks, panels, debates, information sessions, tours, museum visits, webinars – we will participate in Manhattan.


Work experience with a firm, organization, agency, or advocacy group appropriate to the theme of course, four days a week. Weekly electronic journal entries chronicling and reflecting up the experience.

COLLEGE 398 SEMINAR: Environmental Ethics: Theory & Practice

Responses to the climate crisis in the global city.

The anchor academic component of the semester will critically cover materials ranging from basic systematic normative ethical traditions from Aristotle to the present to contemporary debates about the relationship between individual personal responsibility to other kinds of private and public activism and advocacy.  We will look at a number environmentally ethical applied cases with a heavy emphasis in the second half of the semester on several major works in philosophy on climate change, starting with Mark Maslin’s Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford) and ending with Dale Jamison’s Reason in a Dark Time: Why the Struggle Against Climate Change Failed -- and What It Means for Our Future.

Apply here:   https://my.hamilton.edu/academics/offcampusstudy/nyc/apply


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Karen Prentice-Duprey

(on behalf of Professor Katheryn Doran, General Director)

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