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    CAT funding is supported by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation

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    The final deadline to submit a proposal is January 19, 2024.

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Hamilton Faculty are eligible to receive CAT funding to support experimentation in courses and co-curricular projects.

CAT funding at Hamilton is supported by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation and encourages pedagogical experimentation in the classroom through the use of new and emerging technologies. We are seeking proposals that infuse technological innovation into the curriculum, encourage collaboration across disciplines and especially target the three Hamilton educational goals of Aesthetic Discernment, Disciplinary Practice, and Creativity. Email calls for proposals will be sent two times a year.


The goals of the grant are to enhance and extend course assignments and co-curricular experiences through:
  • Creating opportunities for digital fluency development among our students that allows them to engage with technologies across the curriculum and to support integrating combinations of technique, form, content, history/context in those endeavors.
  • Within the arts, engaging students in digital methodologies in their creative practices, and  augmenting existing digital projects while developing new ones. Some examples might include:
  • 3D virtual sculpture and digitally constructed and printed sculpture
  • Photography in virtual environments including virtual exhibitions
  • Multimedia projects using innovative combinations of moving imagery, sound art, performance, installation, and collaboration.
  • Creating more experiential learning opportunities with emerging technologies (3D imaging, AR/VR, 2d and 3d animation, mixed reality) and incorporating these into more courses and co-curricular experiences across campus.

Info Sessions & Important Dates

This fall, there will be two information sessions held on Zoom and in-person ahead of the submission date, so faculty can ask questions and discuss proposal ideas with LITS representatives and the faculty coordinator. Specific information about times and locations will be sent each semester via email to the Hamilton community.


CAT Pi and Faculty Coordinator is Rebecca Murtaugh, the John and Anne Fischer Professor of Fine Arts.

Apply Now


CAT grants are eligible to all Hamilton faculty and can also support joint proposals between Hamilton faculty and educational support staff.

  • a stipend of up to $1500 per cycle for time spent on a pilot project
  • funding to pay student researchers in support of a pilot project
  • the purchase of new equipment in support of a pilot project
  • Support for guest artists or speakers that further engagement with the pilot project
  • Funding for a workshop/event to learn skills for a pilot project that is already planned
  • Funding for an event or workshop that could inspire a future pilot project

Though you can ask for what you think you will need it is important to consult with LITS ahead of submitting your application to make sure what you are requesting is not already available for use by the college.

Note: The grant does not support the purchase of software at this time

Yes, CAT encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and joint proposals. Stipend amounts are awarded per person.

No, unfortunately the grant cannot support the purchase of software at this time.

Yes. Frequently faculty will use one cycle of the grant to try something out ahead of a specific course, then apply for a second round to support application of the pilot within the course.

  • Contact Rebecca Murtaugh for questions or to brainstorm ideas
  • Contact a member of LITS to enlist support for your project and discuss technology needs
  • Attend one of the information sessions
  • Submit proposal form by the final date indicated
  • Communicate with LITS staff for proposal feedback
  • Meet with Pi for proposal feedback
  • Resubmit for final review by the committee

Yes. The grant is open to all faculty and we encourage faculty across disciplines to make use of the funding.

Creative Arts & Technology

Creative Arts & Technology projects infuse technological innovation into the curriculum, encourage collaboration across disciplines and especially target the three Hamilton educational goals of Aesthetic Discernment, Disciplinary Practice, and Creativity. 


Rebecca Murtaugh

CAT Pi and Faculty Coordinator

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